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Not since their origins in 1984, have your

ABI 47X and Procise HT and cLC Protein Sequencers

enjoyed so many High Quality Column Options
at such reasonable prices!


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Has the recent Grace/Vydac Business Decision
left you feeling a bit high-and-dry?

Don't worry!

Just push on Lia's transom (with your mouse) to get out of the mud.

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and several Higgins Analytical OEM customers, have known for years about the superiority of Higgins Analytical's

Proto 200 and Proto 300 C4 and C18 Products!



Capillary HPLC Columns with a unique twist.

All sizes of 75µm and 150µm capillary columns for the same price!





More Selectivity and Resolution for Peptides. A new C4 and C18 phase on 200Å silica presents a powerful alternative for the analysis of peptides of ~19kD and less.

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Click here for a collection of applications comparing Proto200 performance to similar Vydac columns.



Proto 300

Robust Bioseparations. Low pH operating conditions and high pH column washing conditions are no problem for Higgins Analytical's new C4 and C18 phase on 300Å silica.

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Click here for a collection of applications comparing Proto300 performance to similar Vydac columns.



Higgins Analytical's latest addition to a family of unique HPLC columns.

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Higgins Analytical now manufacturers the PTC Amino Acid analysis column used on the Applied Biosystems Model 420 Analyzer. We have approval from AB to manufacture these columns and we can provide a certificate indicating that our columns have the identical form and function as the product previously supplied by AB. Call for more information.





A leak-free, cost effective in-line filter that can be directly connected to your HPLC column or sample injection valve. No tools are required to install convenient s.s., PEEK, or titanium filters in a holder having threads that won't oxidize or gall.




A high performance 10mm I.D. Cartridge System
High throughput requirements for combinatorial chemistry applications often call for 10mm I.D. columns. Higgins Analytical has developed a convenient cartridge system that offers an economical solution for demanding combinatorial and semipreprative needs. Even though a HAISpeed10 cartridge costs a fraction of conventional 10mm HPLC column of the same length, they have the same consistently high performance of other Higgins Analytical columns.



The Piccolo family of microbore HPLC columns is a unique high performance product for LC-MS and other high-speed, small volume applications. These efficient columns are the only products of their type that are individually tested. A Certificate of Analysis accompanies each column.


The Sprite family of narrowbore HPLC columns is a unique high performance product for LC-MS and other high-speed, small volume applications. All three sizes of 2.1mm I.D Sprite HPLC columns are individually tested. A Certificate of Analysis accompanies each column. The Sprite’s certificate includes the original chromatogram and comprehensive testing and sorbent documentation.

The inert PEEK and titanium design has been proven to be structurally sound to over 5,000 PSI (340Bar).



Higgins Analytical Capellini column are robust and high performance capillary HPLC columns for LC-MS and other very small scale applications. The inert PEEK and titanium fittings complement the Higgins Analytical sorbents such as TARGA which was developed to enable LC-MS applications without TFA.


PEEK and Stainless Steel Cartridge Columns

and Conventional HPLC Columns

For fast analysis, LC/MS, column switching, and applications requiring inert hardware, Higgins Analytical manufactures a wide range of HAIPEEK (PEEK) and HAICART (stainless steel) HPLC cartridge columns. The same wide variety is available in conventional HPLC column formats as well.



Stainless Steel HPLC Columns

A large selection of s.s. HPLC columns ranging from 30 - 250mm in length and 0.3 - 50mm I.D. are available with a wide selection of silica and reverse phase sorbents.


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