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Split SIEVE: Informatic Support for Differential Split LC-FTMS Experiments (ASMS 2003)
M Askenazi (1), J. Sutton, L. Bonilla (2), C. Ptak, F.M. Maroto (3)
(1) Thermo BRIMS Center, Cambridge, MA, USA

(2) Avidon Biosciences, Ithica, NY, USA
(3) Thermo Electron Corp, San Jose, CA USA

Improving the Detection of Hydrophilic Peptides for Increased Protein Sequence Coverage
and Enhanced Proteomic Analysis (ASMS 2007)
Brian S. Hampton, Center for Vascular and Inflammatory Diseases, U of MD School of Medicine, Baltimore MD
Amos H. Heckendorf, The Nest Group, Inc., Southborough MA

The Continuing Search for a General On-line Extraction Method
for LC/MS/MS Sample Preparation
Tazeen Shahid & Robert T. Cass
Theravance, Inc. South San Francisco, CA 94080

Direct Plasma Analysis Using On-Line Extraction
A Simple LC/MS/MS Method for Early Discovery and Development
Mirva Boothe and Scott Womble
Roche Palo Alto, CA 94304

TARGA for 100% Aqueous Reverse Phase Separations
A rapid analysis of Allantoin and Sodium Pyruvate in a simple aqueous system.

Hydrophilic Reverse Phase for Very Polar Compounds
Antibacterials - Vanocomycin, Cefotaxime, Cefazolin
High aqueous RP separations of very polar compounds without tailing

Combinatorial Chemistry - Speed and Selectivity
2µm vs 5µm Columns for very high speed separations
What's more important, Particle Size or Selectivity?

LC-MS without TFA!
Ocular Lens Protein Digest illustrates the high resolution and increased
sensitivity benefits of LC and LC-MS on TARGA columns without TFA.

Very Fast Analysis on Microbore Columns
1mm I.D. columns running at 6x's optimum linear velocity provide
a robust and sensitive method for routine analysis of
Paracetamol and Amitriptyline in a plasma drug analysis method.

LC-MS of Basic Peptides without TFA
Dilute acetic and formic acid can be used as alternatives to TFA
for the analysis of basic peptides and drugs.


Short CLIPEUS columns for Crude Peptide Analysis
Parfticle size, pore size, column length, selectivity
which plays the most important role in separations?

High Resolution Peptide Mapping
HAISIL 100 and HAISIL 300 provide very high peak capacity
for very high resolution peptide mapping.

Reverse Phase Separation of Phospholipids by MS
HAISIL HL C18 30x1.0mm

EPA Methods for Carbamate Pesticides
EPA 531.1 on HAISIL 100 C18

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