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Not since their origins in 1984, have your

ABI 47X and Procise HT and cLC Protein Sequencers

enjoyed so many High Quality Column Options
at such reasonable prices!

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Did the recent Grace/Vydac Business Decision
left you feeling a bit high-and-dry?

Don't worry!

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Proto 200 and Proto 300 C4 and C18 Products!

We Moved in June 2020

After almost 20 years in the same location on Pear Ave, we've moved our operation about 2 km, to the other side of the freeway from the Googlers, and didn't miss a single day of shipments in the process. Our old Pear Ave address is now a parking lot.

1166 Independence Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043


Novel Design and Documentation

The Certificate of Analysis for a Higgins Analytical column, and a current Product Catalog, are included on the 2GB flash drive that accompanies each column. Our unique approach to documentation and design helps save trees, and minimizes freight charges. Our analytical columns and their packaging are the lightest and most compact in the market. This enables our customers to receive as many as 12 columns, anywhere in the world, for approximately the same cost as a single competitor's column. We include the highest performance too!

PICCOLO Trap Columns

Now available in an even wider range of sizes:

2.5 x 0.3mm
2.5 x 0.5mm
5.0 x 1.0mm
10.0 x 1.0mm

30 x 1.0mm (NEW)

29 Phases (silica based and polymeric) for every possible application
Peek and Titanium construction for LC-MS Applications
• Each Piccolo is individually tested and is shipped with a CofA
6-32 thread fittings ideal for microbore instrumentation


Unequaled Flexibility

Over 15 different phases, or your own phase custom packed by us, in hardware with internal diameters ranging almost 3 orders of magnitude. Only Higgins Analytical can offer that!

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Capellini - Back by Popular Demand

When Higgins Analytical introduced Caπllary two years ago, we removed Capellini from our catalog, however, we continued to manufacture this design for customers that had been using it for several years.

Somewhat to our surprise, Capellini sales have continued to grow and we still receive numerous product inquiries in spite of their absence from our literature. While Caπllary columns are very efficient and cost effective (see below), we have found that many chromatographers prefer the symmetrical, flow reversible design and the 6-32 threaded end-fittings of Capellini. Even though Capellini are more expensive to manufacture and somewhat less efficient than Caπllary columns, due to the end fitting design, they enjoy a wide variety of uses that involve flow reversal, such as trap applications.

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Capillary HPLC Columns with a unique twist.

All sizes of 75µm and 150µm capillary columns for the same price!

Still only $314.16

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You can download our 2022 catalog as a PDF file

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Currently, it does not include pricing information.

Note: This catalog is a 20MB PDF file.

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