Fat-Soluble Vitamin Assay

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Instrument:         HP1090 with Diode Array
Column:              Targa C18 5m 100x2.1mm
P/N: TS-1021-C185)
Mobile Phase:    3% Water in MeOH
Flowrate:             0.2mL/min
Sample:               Vitamin Mix, 2L injection
Column Temp:     40 C
Detector:              DAD, Optimized Wavelength for each compound

Wavelength Optimization:
Vitamin K3 - 250nm, Vitamin A - 325nm, Vitamin D3 - 265nm, Vitamin E - 290nm, Vitamin K1 - 245nm

Higgins Analytical is grateful to David Isom of Analytical Sales and Services  for sharing these data.

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